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LED Candles

Guest Wavicle

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Guest Wavicle

We don't normally stock "seasonal goods", but thought that the run-up to Christmas would be a good time to introduce our new LED Candle.


LED candles: all the atmosphere of real candles, but without the flames, heat or danger; just LEDs and specially designed circuitry to create a life-like flicker that won't get blown out by the slightest breeze. The flickering effect becomes even more realistic as the batteries begin to run down, or when the candles are placed in groups. The frosted glass outer envelope adds a pleasing diffused look to the light.


Each candle is powered by two AAA batteries (not included), which will run continuously for over 150 hours and are ideal for home & garden, restaurants, bars, celebrations, parties and religious festivals. They can also be printed with logos and images.


The candles are competitively priced, with healthy discounts for bulk orders. Further discounts are available to Blue Room members, ordering in quantities of fifty or more. Please contact our alter ego, BR member lightnix for details.


Click here to order LED Candles from Wavicle Ltd..

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