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Soundcraft Repairs

Rich newby

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Hi all

I was wondering whether there was anyone who repaired soundcraft desks in the north east, or in-fact anyone who repairs soundcraft desks, I'm that desperate. I have had problems with it, and have replaced the master faders but I am still having the same problem. I don't want spare parts just someone to repair it, and then they can get the RIGHT parts ;)



Rich B-)



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Hey Rich.


Sorry mate I cannot answer your question directly. However, if you tell us the model of the desk and what the problem is then some of us here may be able to give you a few pointers.

Its possible that its happened to one of us before so we may be able to help you out on a few basic tips and tricks whilst you find somoene to repair it or wait for parts etc.




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Hi, Sorry About the slow reply

I have soundcraft spirit folio F1 10 channel mixer. The Problem is that it keeps going deaf,if I leave it running for over 10mins then one or both of the channels cut out, and I have to slide the master faders up to full to almost 'Restart' the one or both channels that have gone deaf, I have replaced the master faders and it is still having the same problem. I would like the mixer for next weekend which is the second problem, otherwise I will have to use a citronic desk :down: Because my other behringer is quite frankly Crap.


Cheers Guys


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