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Hi guys,


Just thought I'd give a little review of the Athelete Gig that was at the Brighton Centre tonight.


The first Warm-up Act was a guy who goes by the band name of "Magnet", He had this really cool keyboard sort of thing, (Probably just a midi controller) on his knee and was creating his music from phrase samling lots of different things, including the crowd shouting the word "Magnet" and then looping that. along with a drum beat and other random sounds. It was an amazingly full and brilliant sound.


Second Warm-up band, hmmm... Can't remember who it was, but I do remember that the Girl fronting the band looked rather lovely.


Athelete were brilliant also. Though their vocals could have been slightly more forward in their mix. Or taking out the guitar a little. Also, the bass guitat could have been more prominent... It seemed to come and go. Aside from that it was brilliant. Sound was amazing.


I think the Monitors Console was some form of Analogue Yamaha, it had boring coloured pots. (But I could be wrong, I was up in the FOH Left balcony!). There was a load of Compact Line Array boxes, but didn't recognise them. I think the monitors were L-Acoustics though. Them or the Turbo TFM series - they both have convex grilles.


The lighting design I thought (coming from a sound guy) was brilliant too. nice use of 4 floor mounted, rotating (of course), Mirror Balls in once song only. Rotating in opposite directions (2x Clock, 2x Anti). There were 6 (I think) Neon Bar type things too.


Anyway, I'm tired now, so I am going to bed. Was happy to have gone to a decent gig for a change.




P.S. If anyone knows more about the Tech Spec, I'd be happy to find out what it was and who was providing Equipment etc.

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Not sure about now but Martins Lights in Reading provided lighting for the tour in March earlier in the year, some of the kit they used is as follows...


38x Par 64s

2x Thomas 8-light DWEs

2x Chroma-Q colour scrollers

4x Source Four profiles

Anytronics dimmers

8x Robe Colorspot 575 moving heads

6x Vision Tourwash moving heads

4x MAC 600 moving heads

1x Avolites Pearl 2000 control console

1x Vision LE200 hazer


The team for the tour was Gareth Dean (lighting technician), Steve Major (rigger) & Martin Dudley (lighting designer).


As I said that was from March, but im not sure if Martins Lights are still proving the support for Athlete.




Jon T

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I'm afraid your info is a bit out of date!!


Their present LD is Dom Smith, with equipment from Siyan. Touring with him is Foxy (the ginger ninja) and Rob Watson (king of the fattys)


Don't know what kit hes touring but apparently its looking good - or so he says!!!



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Saw the show at Hammersmith Odeon last night - good gig, lighting was excellent, sound clear.

Not so sure of the 2 supports - Magnet : not overly impressed. Gemma Hayes - nice voice but not much variety in the music, all sounded very samey.

Athlete - excellent!

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Worked on this gig a few days ago..main PA l'acoustics new DV rig and some arcs. FOH board....big pretty (heavy) Midas MH3000!! cant remember what the monitor was..think it was another Midas(too manny gigs in too few days!!) A few Robes, some esculator plastic handle with disco lights zip-ties to it!! two petrol pumps??? and an assortment of backline!!

PA supplied by SKAN...oh they do have some nice gear..and some quality custom flight cases


All the best



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Went to see them while in Newcastle the other day,


The Pa was DV Dosc, with one flown DV sub a side and 5 or 6 DV's and another 6 DV's on the deck with 2 more DV subs and 1 or 2 SB 218's


FOH was an XL4 with loads of toys to play with, it did sound really good, and the venue is really nice and new, after only being open about a month now,


I was out on the ordinary boys tour with DV Dosc, so went to see athlete on a "day off" we had a lot more sb 218's on tour with us, but the sound they were after and pulled off very well was not in need of so much low end.


I did think the video was a nice touch, plus I knew the guy running the video, but it still worked for me,



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