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effects for tour


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there is a tour coming up in the new yaer which involves the performer using a couple of pyro's on a shoulder worn keyboard, I have seen this done before but on a guitar for the "bottom" tour a couple of years back. 2 questions really:


1. would this be possible?

2. any suggestions on what pyro's give out a short small blast of sparks which last for o more than a second or 2?


need to get this done farily soon to make things ready for pre production rehearsals!! :)

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OK just some basic questions then on with the good stuff

1, do you have any pyro experience

2, do you have a firing controller

3, if not check out www.lemaitreltd.co.uk and everything you need is on there.

Right me personally to go for the easy option.I would get a two way controller place it on the person of the keyboard player then run a wire from the controller along the keyboard to the handle and attach a 1SEC x6 foot pro-stage2 stage gerb then when the time is right all the artist has to do is push the fire button. No doubt there will be more ideas later but for simplicity I think this one is pretty good. :)

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I personally don't like the style of devices that Theatre Fx does in that sense, I have some flash guns and I find them un-reliable, nice people at the company though! Don't forget saftey distances with the Prostage stuff and you may want a wireless controller (www.brightonfireworks.com) instead fof giving one to the keyboard player so a) he does not have to stop playing and b) the controllers are generally quite heavy and would be difficult to carry around for a show.
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