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Speakers for rehearsal room


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Hey all,

Got comfirmation today about the redevelopment of the companies rehearsal base down in Cornwall and have decided to purchase a pair of cabinets to permanently live in the rehearsal room. Idealy said speakers would be flyable, with brackets, be rated somewhere around the 250-400watts rms area, be full range (passive crossovers completely acceptable) and be suitable to be used by people with basic sound knowledge (ie: put cd in, press play), basically they need to have some resistance to being driven hard and not falling apart instantly if the worst happened!


Connection not really an issue although NL4 preferred.


Any ideas? Thought?




Edit: By the way am looking around 600 - 650

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For your budget I'd suggest Yamaha Club Series cabs... either the 12 or 15" models. The 15s will handle a little more power, but the 12s are naturally smoother in the midrange. Generally fairly solid. Peavey would also be an option, with significantly higher power handling but they don't sound quite so good IMO.



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As with any speaker, you should ensure that the amplifier driving them has plenty of headroom. We have an ancient pair of 15" Yamaha Club series which suffered a spate of HF driver failures, until an amp bigger than 300W/Ch was found. 5 years on, we're still using them with a 1KW/Ch amp and while they're not the best-sounding speakers in the world, they've stood up to everything we've thrown at (or through) them!



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