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Phantom Power


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Hi all, first post from a newbie. Thanks for the site.


I have just bought a s/h Yamaha EMX68S Powered Mixer. The owners manual states that the phantom power is +15V?

I thought it was +48v required for condensor mics/devices. Any idea why this difference?


Thanks Sean

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It's done that way on economy mixers to save money on the power supply they give you.


MOST microphones, DI boxes, etc. will work okay with the lower voltage, but there is some gear out there that wants the whole 48 volts...at that point you'll have problems.



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I've just done a repair on a DI that can run phantom, ext PSU or battery.


On battery it has a series diode, so the rail is 7.2V at best. It has a battery low sensor, but I dont know where that kicks in.


On phantom it uses an 18V zener.


So this thing'll run down to (I guess) about 6V, but obviously headroom drops with rail.

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