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Help with tab tracks


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Hi guys,

I'm in the process of costing and spec'ing some work for my church for a new hall we are leasing.. at present its just an old primary school hall but we are wanting to make it into a more versitile space. one of the things I want todo is put tab tracks around the hall.. possible all the way around.. but more likely just the front section to begin with..


we don't need motorised curtains, we don't even need them to be on ropes to open and close them.. just something simple.. they will be used for drapes/curtains, no scenery or anything like that..


what would you suggestions be? I've looked at tripple e but I'm really not sure what to look for or whats availible..


also are there any places that sell second hand tab tracks? if so would that be worth it? or do they tend to be a bit knackered?


any thoughts?





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If you want good quality small venue type track, then Halls T60 track ( http://www.hallstage.com/track.htm ) is easy to assemble and rugged. If you want something similar but low-budget then try Lancelyns Oxford track ( http://www.lancelyn.co.uk/Content/sales/st...taintrack30.htm ).


You rarely see second hand track for sale because well, if you need to change track then it's usually because it's broken!

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hi try halls stage T60 track its simple cheep and has all the curves etc so you can fit it easily in to your hall.

I have recently replaced a schools tabs with it and it was shockingly cheep and easy!

second had would be a bit dodgy as but if you don't have any money then there is no shame in using it and making it work!

hope this helps

pete watts

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