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Fat Frog Query?!?


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OK opportunity to wow me with your knowledge of the Fat Frog.....!!! Have the new desk installed and am very impressed with it- however, does anyone know of any way that when I am playing back cues I can see which channels are fading up / down etc on the monitor without having to go into outputs and then back to memories to bring in the next cue.....probably a very simple bit that I've missed, but can't find it in the manual anywhere....if I can't do it...thats my only complaint of the desk so far......personally I like to be able to see that the cue is running and that the channels are changing.....
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You don't have to have the memories screen on the monitor display to bring up the next cue.


You could always lock the monitor screen on the outputs screen, and the Main LCD on the desk will still show the memories so you could select the next one to output and press GO or just press GO when required to move through the stack sequentially.


It all depends on what you really want to see on the monitor.

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OK opportunity to wow me with your knowledge of the Fat Frog.


how are we supposed to better the advice of the bloke that wrote the manual, probably has the t-shirt and has definitely been there and done that?


anyway, I have found that using some trick that I can't for the life of me remember, the lcd can be locked to only show the memory stack in use, while the monitor does all the other bits (including frogger).


- must hunt around for the manual.




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