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Technical Operator for West Midlands community tour

Owen Radmore

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Get Lighting & Sound Experience with touring production or extend existing experience exploring the possibilities of our lighting rig.


Rage are looking for someone with an interest/experience in lighting to operate the lighting and sound and assist with get ins - get outs on our tour of schools,community centres throughout the West Midlands.


If you have an interest in lighting then we have a wide range of lighting from ETC Pars, Robe 240ATs colour changers, Colour Scrollers and Robe 170AT moving lights...and a range of desks from manual to computerised a wireless DMX system and radio mics etc.



If your interested in exploring the possabilities of this equipment on our small scale tour of schools, community centres and theatres throughout the West Midlands. And designning the lighting for this production.


You must be able to operate sound and lighting equipment on your own although some trainning can be provided prior to touring.


You must also be able and willing to drive our minibus,and must be able to get to Birmingham

technical rehearsals start Monday 28th November and we start touring on Monday 4th December until the 24th December most shows are during the day although there are some in the evenings and nearly always we will be returning to Birmingham. Currently Eleven performances.


This tour will provide valuable experience of some of the latest state of the art ligting equipment.


The inclusive fee is £450.


If interested email tech@rage.org.uk



Rage creates productions using theatre,film and music if you would like to find out more please visit our website.

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