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Hello, and welcome back to the Blue Room. :P


We've been offline making some improvements to the Blue Room that we think you're going to appreciate. We're pleased to announce that we're now running Version 2.1 of the Invision software, and there's a lot of "under-the-hood" improvements that should make the site faster and more responsive, a slightly more streamlined new look, and even some new features for you to use.

  • First of all, there's now the option to use a Rich Text editor to create your posts. No more having to learn the bbcode if you don't want to! (Although if you're used to it now, you can still use it.)
  • As a part of the new post editor, there's a new, even easier to use Spellchecker. So there really is no excuse not to use it now.
  • There are now options to allow multiple question polls.
  • There are a few new smilies... :meet: , :yahoo: , :rtfm:
  • You may now add events to the calendar, subject to pre-moderation
  • The Classifieds forum has been split into three sections - For Sale, Wanted and Jobs. This should make things clearer and speed up searches. We've also added a section for Special Offers for Blue Room members. If any companies wish to offer Blue Room members discounts, feel free to post an offer in the Offers forum. This, as with all Classified forums, is pre-moderated and your post may take a few hours to appear.
  • We've made a couple of minor Terms and Conditions changes - please take some time to re-read the conditions.
  • Should you post twice in the same topic without someone replying between your posts, the board will automatically merge the two posts.
  • And lastly, we've removed the Warn levels from members posts. Don't worry though, we're still keeping tabs on you ;)

We'd also like to welcome our new moderators at this point: Lightnix, Peternewman and Andrew C have all joined the moderation team for all of the forums, and will be helping to keep the Blue Room on-topic, friendly and useful for all. Behind the scenes improvements mean that we should be able to respond to "Report this post to a moderator" more efficiently, so feel free to submit any dubious topics directly to us in this manner.


We hope you enjoy the new board, and that the new features are useful to you. We have even more improvements planned, so watch this space for further developments!


If you see anything out of the ordinary after the upgrade, try a forced refresh (Ctrl+F5) and if it still happens, nip down to the Issues forum and let us know.




The Blue Room Administration and Moderation Team.

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