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The Green Room - Need Help


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My name is Daniel Creasey and I'm representing the Millenium Voluteers in Doncaster South Yorkshire. Our website can be found at www.greenroom.tk

The aim is to allow for awareness of local bands and not just famous ones in our Doncaster area. we have a line up of potential bands and are currently pondering a venue. My area is the lighting of this show and we are in desperate need of hiring some scanners and a control desk for them to tie in with our existing DMX interface installed in the hall at Danum School Doncaster.

The thing is we haven't got a budget and we were wondering if local people, or people willing to help could get in touch with me about arranging something. the gig is propsosed for the 12th of september and will take place in Danum Schools upper school hall.

We have the promise of Zane Lowe from MTV and Radio 1 that he will give out an advertisment of our show on air, aswell as our local radio station Hallam FM. We offer free advertising for anyone that can help with this as is means alot to us.


If you could get back to me at this address :- djc007@blueyonder.co.uk ASAP,


Thanks for your Help,

Looking forward to hearing from you all :angry:

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Do you have any budget what so ever for the lighting side of things? You might find if you have something you might be able to convince local hire companies to cut you a deal with a chunky discount. I doubt (although don't take my word as the bible) that a hire company will donate scanners and a desk for a show unless they aren't making money on that particular day or week (or whatever), so you might find that you'll need to be flexible and take whatever is left on their shelves come 5pm the day before type thing.


Perhaps think about other plans away from scanners etc as a back up plan in case you can't get your first choice scenario.


Good Luck



PS. Copy CCed to your e-mail address.

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Heya, Becuase it's a Millenium Voluteers Project we arn't given any budgetting, it's all got to be off our own backs and we'd want the gig to look good. Could I convince local hire comanies that this is a good idea? that they would be mentioned on Radio1 across the country as a sponsor?



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Ah I see... well with my limited experience with Millenium Volunteers I see to remember you had a communal pot you could dip into?


This might however had been limited to the group that used to bug me when I was at college to light their gigs.


You might be able to convince a local hire company to sponsor your production (i.e. Give you the kit for nowt) however I'm not sure if Radio 1 will link up with the sponsership on air due to the whole no advertising rule within the BBC.


MTV & Hallam FM (ah a mighty MTV vs. Emap battle) might however be a better bet.


Wether or not you can convince the hire companies or not depends on how much you can appeal to their charitable side :angry:



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