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Fluorescent Disposal

Ben P

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It's that time of year to catch up on all those jobs you never quite have time to get to or can't do cause some helpful theatre company have put a set in the way! I have been going round changing some of our long Fluorescent tubes and was wondering if it was now no longer allowed to just dispose of them in the usual rubbish.


Can't remember where I saw it but something in the back of my mind say's they have to be got rid of in a proper maner?


Can anybody shed any light (!) on the matter???





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Yes, you certainly should be disposing of them properly. The main thing is that they contain known toxic chemicals, including mercury in a phosphor powder, which can become airborne if they are smashed.


You should probably start by asking your council if they have collection facilities, otherwise you're looking at paying someone (probably 20p-£1/tube at a guess??) to collect and dispose of them.


AFAIK all fluorescent tubes can be recycled or at least have the mercury removed.

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