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Fan needed for QSC RMX 2450 amplifier


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We have an amp rack which has worked for about 8 years in a dusty environment (the inside of a pipe organ - don't ask!); the fan on one of our amps is sluggish probably due to a clogged bearing, so if driven hard the amp will thermally cut in and out.  I think it's worth replacing the fan, rather than trying to lubricate it with WD40 or similar.

Using Google only locates QSC parts suppliers in North America, and the QSC website isn't particularly helpful.  Anyone know of a franchised parts supplier in the UK?

Failing that, the Fullcompass website in the US shows the picture of a replacement fan (under the correct QSC part number MS-000138-GP) as a rather cheap looking "Superred CHA8024EBN-K"; I can order this direct from China via ebay UK for about £14 inc shipping, which doesn't fill me with confidence as to its quality and longevity.    I haven't stripped down the amplifier chassis yet to to confirm if this is what is installed; I suspect for this cost it's a simple sleeve bearing.

Has anyone changed fans in this or any other QSC RMX series amplifiers, and could share their experiences?

Many thanks


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