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Robe colorspot 700E lamp


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I have a Robe colorspot 700E. The with no lamp, I don't want to fork out a couple of hundred pounds for a new one!
Is it possible to change the lamp holder for a cheaper lamp? Under £99
This is a college project, the colorspot is good.
I just want to get it up and running and work it in a small hall.

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Anything is possible given the necessary understanding and skills. The hard bit is that this is a discharge lamp that has a ballast.all the circuitry would need removing or bypassing. I don't know the innards of the unit but identifying what needs removing is I doubt easy. 

Someone who knows the unit may be more help, but it's anything but simple and it would be so easy to screw up the whole thing. 

Highly probable that the optics would cause difficulties as well. 

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On 6/18/2024 at 8:37 PM, KevinE said:

I'd say that any modifications to the control gear accept a cheaper lamp will end up costing more than fitting the correct lamp.

Thanks  I guess I've got a 700E for spares!!!!!

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