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Source 4 jr Led equivalent


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On the down nights in our small theatre we have bands and comedians, for a frontlight at the last one we just had a source 4jr hard left and hard right that were focused, zoomed and shuttered so as to  provide a frontwash for the first couple of metres of the stage.

It worked so well  I was wondering about making it a permanent setup, as colour rendition isn't a priority (and rather than tie up a couple of s4j's and dimmer channels) I wondered what led equivalents people would use (that don't sound like a hairdryer) ?  We don't need colour but maybe we'd get a cold white for one side and warm white the other.

I've tried googling but mostly seems to be getting Alibaba results that are tempting but also unlikely to deliver all they promise.


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You could consider a fanless LED PAR with barndoors as an economical solution. They could be set up as a simple stand alone solution with a 6 channel desk. Ideally 40 degrees to get a reasonable coverage.

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We use a couple of white elumen8 MP60 fresnels as rehearsal lights. Feels about the same light output as a quartet F and similar quality. About 250 quid from Thomann IIRC. can operate in DMX mode for dimming and they dim well. MP120 gets you more output for about 100 quid more. 

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The warm white MP60's are good and as Alister says you can't really tell they aren't a 500W fresnel. I am not too keen on cold white, just looks like working lights.

The RGB version (MP75) is not as bright and you cannot mix a very good white out of them, it just looks weird for face light.

If you really need a profile spot there are various cheap S4 knockoffs but I haven't seen one in real life.
e.g. https://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_revueled_150_profile_3200k.htm

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I'd agree with Tim re the MP75 - it's very hard to get a decent white face light out of them, but the MP60 is worth a look. We've never really noticed the fan noise except for a second at start up when it does the quick fan run up and down. We do use the MP75s as back lights and accents and again, the fan noise hasn't been noticeable. 

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