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Pearl tiger not booting up

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I have a avo pearl tiger that will not boot up,just the external screen is blank and so is the internal screen 

power supply seems to be all there and backup battery is reading 3.6 volts

I also have reseated most connections and chips

could it be the graphics card or something else on the motherboard 

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First step would be to contact Avo support, I assume you have done this? It'll be well out of the official support period but they will usually still try to help you.

The only problem is that parts for these desks are very hard to get now as the chip manufacturers stopped making them a long time ago.

If I remember correctly there is a small 4-digit status display on the motherboard, is that saying anything?

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Um if the display says nothing then it's pretty dead. Maybe onboard power supply (voltage regulator) fail or processor.

Personally I would telephone Avo and beg for help, the people who designed that desk still work there and it's your best chance of speaking to someone who actually knows.

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