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Bespoke Radio controlled props

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Dose anyone know of UK based companies that will help make radio controlled props. I need to make a metal frame that can be driven like an RC car? I've got the frame covered but need a company that will provide/make the electronic components. Any recommendations?

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Tbh unless you’re happy to pay 4 figures all anyone will do it buy a radio controlled car and glue it into your frame as it’s a technology that will “just work” so you might as well just do that yourself. 

if it’s got to be especially powerful or if you’re adding multiple extra motions then a custom solution might be the only way but virtually every Panto and single year touring musical that has a prop like this is actually an off the shelf RC car and a lot of hot melt glue. 

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The Twins FX - but as Tom says, radio gear is not cheap, plus the motors and control. That said - your local model aircraft club have the radio experience, and the rest depends on the size. How big is it? Second hand or death bed disabled scooters are great sources of batteries, wheels and drive components. If it's much smaller then model racing clubs who race those big wheel things might work, like robot wars.

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