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Equinox Fusion 200 spot


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Hi All, 
I was looking for some advice. I was looking to light our auditorium as I think it would be nicer for live events rather than just the usual teaching downlights. 
I had the Prolites (italy) do a demo, and look at their ECL Profile FS. I am thinking to get 4 of these to light different areas, however I also thought it would be handy to have a moving head spot for the lectern, and also the desk area. (the moving head giving me some options). For the profiles, the plan is to set and forget, there won't be re-adjusting for different events, I think 4 can cover most of what I want to do, with the moving head as a flexible option. 

This comes to my question. Given that we are likely to use the lighting perhaps a few times a month the moving Jethybrid200 I can't really justify it. I saw the equinox fusion 200 is about 1/3 of the price, but is it any good for "theatre" lighting? What are people's views on this product? Should I just wait and buy the Jet Hybrid later, or go for the equinox?  Our events will likely be filmed and/or livestreamed.
I am not a lighting person, so although I am sure there is a lot of difference to justify the price jump, it's not obvious to me.

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You mean a manually operated follow spot?

Sorry, I should have been more clear about the setup. Firstly I can't have any lighting bars due to sightlines (unless I guess I just wanted a down light, which is what is in the ceiling already). My idea is to install 2 of so 45degrees to centre to light both sides. Also, we don't have techs for events, so I will hook all this into the extron control system and the events team will just be able to pick presets via the extron iPad app. I don't really see the lights moving during the event. More likely that they decide.. is it a panel style, is it interview, is it single presentation..  and then for the moving head, do we need to light the lectern or the teaching desk (the profiles would cover the other areas)

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