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Marshall Electronics CV365 camera


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I’ve acquired a Marshall CV365 but can’t get it to work. Does anyone have experience with these. 

It’s connected via the HDMI cable to a laptop but unable to see the camera in Qlab or OBS. Can anyone help 


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I don't know the device, but I take it you have found the manual at https://marshall-usa.com/pdf/CV565-CV365_Manual.pdf and been through the trouble shooting section? 

Are you certain your laptop supports HDMI 'in' and is it configured to use it? Many do not, despite HDMI being a 2 way protocol) meaning a HDMI to USB converter with appropriate driver is required (preferably USB-C for video.) My current laptop has no HDMI either in or out.

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Yes checked out the manual. 
good shout about HDMI in via laptop. I suspect that’s it. I do have an hdmi to usb converter so will give that a go. 

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