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Novastar screen setup

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Hi all,

I've been tasked with an issue that's come up, in one of the screen rooms we have a large display mounted on the wall which is then connected up to a Novastar vx6s controller.

Unknown who or when, but someone has come along and reset the box back to factory defaults, which is where I've been tasked with getting it back up and working, but from a completely non-technical background when it comes to this.

I've read up on the Novastar documentation which has led me to the Novastar SmartLCT software, but the mention of cabinets is where I'm confused and where I go from here.  It looks to be that from the screen there are 4 x cables that plug in to the ethernet ports on the Novastar controller, assuming that each of these cables are classed as 1 x cabinet each (therefore 4 x cabinets total)? 

I've attached a couple of photos of the issue, which as you can see at the moment each part of the wall display is working independent and not as one large display.  If anyone can offer any pointers or an idiot guide I would appreciate it.

Image URL uploaded to my OneDrive:


Thanks in advance

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You need to configure the controller, telling it how many receiver cards are connected to each physical ethernet port. 

If you can get behind the display you'll see that it's made up of tiles, with link cables (power and RJ45) between each. 

Each tile has a receiver card which translates the signal to drive the actual pixels. 

The order of the tiles also has to be correct or you can get some interesting results. 

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A cabinet is also called a panel. From your picture it looks like you have 30 panels, in 3 rows of 10.


Without knowing how the data cabling has been done its hard to spell out next steps.

You could always unplug the cables one at a time from the back of the processor and see which panels go black. This way you at least know whats wired together.


On the VX6 you can program the screen configuration from the front panel, without using the Novastar software. Alternatively, download SmartLCT - https://www.novastar.tech/products/controller/software/smartlct/


Which is the nicer Novastar software and should be fairly straightforward to understand.

Alternatively, and probably more easily, ask someone who has more experience with LED screens. Happy to help remotely if you want. TeamViewer is so helpful.

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8 hours ago, Stuart91 said:

If all four RJ45 output ports are in use, chances are that the display is configured as four rows. That makes for a simpler layout.

3 hours ago, sameness said:

You could always unplug the cables one at a time from the back of the processor and see which panels go black. This way you at least know whats wired together.

If all 4 ports are in use, it could also be two main and two backups, which would also mean that unplugging a cable might not send panels black.

Knowing where you are located might help with a local suggestion

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