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Cheap LY-70 mini LED moving head wash - crashing on reset


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Hi there,

I have a few of these ultra cheap movers, and one of them has developed an issue where when you turn it on it seems to fail zeroing the tilt axis. I've replaced the hall effect sensor as that's the only part I could identify that may have failed. I happened to have a 3144 in my bits box, and I swapped that out with the what I suspected to be broken sensor in the light. If I don't connect the tilt servo and manually 'reset' the tilt position I can see the hall sensor being triggered when I manually actuate the tilt axis, because the rest of the reset completes. 

This happens when connected to DMX but also when completely isolated so I definitely think this is a hardware issue. Do I just need to keep tweaking the position of the hall sensor and the end stops by 0.001mm at a time and then resetting the light? Is there a better way I can work this out? Thanks sooo much in advance for any help. Am getting close to hurling this light against a wall. 

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The wiring loom may be faulty. In the first instance, trace the wiring back and check that the hall effect signal is getting to the relevant connector pins on the controller PCB.

With any moving head fixture, after a lot of use, cores in the loom will break where it goes through and around moving parts, twisting and turning as the fixture operates. When this happens there can be many intermittent, varied and weird faults to find. If this is found to be the case, the effort and cost of repair will likely be uneconomic on such a cheap fixture. Budget fixtures tend to use internal wiring that will not survive this use for long.

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