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Stairville LED Pixel Rail mkII & controller - effects queries


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Hi all,

I have the opportunity to use some Stairville LED Pixel Rail mkII and associated controllers on an upcoming production. They potentially use a fair few universes of control if run in full mode, therefore I'm trying to see whether the in-built effect programmes are (a) any good and (b) can be overlaid. There are two programme channels when the unit is run in 10-channel mode, but it's not clear whether these are exclusive, or if two effects can be run simultaneously. Similarly, I'm wondering if an effect be run and the background colour set to blue, for example.

I've had a look through the manuals, but there is no description of the effect types or whether the above is possible, that I can see.
I'm trying to borrow a controller and bar to have a play, but this may not materialise before I need to commit to using them on the show.

It seems like a quite a neat solution, as the bars themselves only require an RJ45 cable between them (up to 4 per controller output), to distribute power & data.

Does anyone have any experience of these units, and can comment on the above queries? Namely, in simple control mode, is there a list of effects - and can these be overlaid with each other or on top of an R/G/B base?

Links to product below, for info:
Pixel Rail
Pixel Drive

I'm hoping somebody may have used these and can advise!

Many thanks,

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I've used the LEDJ T-Pix which looks identical. Obviously the software may be different but on the T-pixes the built in programs are pretty rubbish in my opinion - just varying blocks of colour, nothing subtle - possibly OK for a school disco. I'm not sure if you can overlay 2 effects but even if you could the effects are so poor it wouldn't be any good anyway.

I've always used them with an Avo desk so it's easy to just send 4 universes of artnet to them for full pixel control.

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Thanks Tim, tat's what I suspected.

Just to close this one out, Thomann have got back to me and advised that unfortunately there isn't a list of programmes, and also no option to overlay scenes.



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