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I'm off to Poland next week for 6 days. I'm taking two student shows over to the 'international Shakespeare festival'.

Anyone know anything about Gdansk, anyone been?

The shows are quite simple so I should have a bit of time to have a look around. Should be fun.

I'll take some pictures (with my brand new digital camera bought today... :D ) and post them on here if there is anything interesting about the theatre we are in.

It cost a fortune to send the props and costumes over, so some people from that end are propping at the moment so we could have a laugh at what they get.

I just thought I would ask if anyone knows anything about Poland as it is not on my usual tour list. They have organised the hotel and stuff so I may be sleeping in a tent in the gutter somewhere.

PD's are 55 euros a day, will that get me 2 pints (sorry litres) and a burger or will it buy me Warsaw?

ok, any info gratefully received,



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