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Robe 1200e AT Lamp


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It needs a discharge lamp, doesn't it? The one linked to is a filament lamp, so if I'm right and it does use a discharge lamp that won't work. I think this is the requisite lamp.

If you can find them in stock, I'd stick to the specified lamp. And since Philips have, as far as I know, withdrawn from the entertainment market, I'd suggest carrying spares if you can find them. Unless the likes of Ushio or Osram step in to fill the void I must say I'd be wary of using "off brand" discharge lamps.

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You absolutely cannot fit a filament lamp! It won't work and is likely to damage the luminaire.

The proper lamp is a Philips MSR 1200 SA, which is a discharge lamp.

They're still available from theatrical suppliers for around £160 inc VAT give or take. Thomann list them at £211, as you've no doubt already found.

While Philips have left the lighting market, these have been spun off to Signify and were a very popular moving head lamp.
I'd guess they're still manufactured, though probably not for many more years.

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