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Martin ICT300 speakers - suggested EQ settings?


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The venue where I work has a room with two ICT300s and two EM251 subs. Currently the audio goes into a Martin M1 processor, then into the amp, but it doesn't sound particularly brilliant. In addition, there is quite a bit of buzzing/noise which as far as I can tell is coming from the M1, along with a regular quiet "tapping" noise in all the speakers (at a frequency of around 70-80bpm).

I would like to try running the system using a different processor. However, I have absolutely zero experience in EQing speakers so have no idea how to go about it. Any suggestions would be gratefully received! Obviously I'll need a crossover at around 120Hz, but other than that I would quite like to improve the sound a bit.

For reference, the current setup is sub on the floor, top attached to the wall, diagonally opposite each other (eg: one sub+top in the top left corner, the other sub+top in the bottom right corner). And it's currently a mono system* (which I would like to change, but that's less of a priority).

*Various inputs (the only one which actually gets used is a stereo minijack for phone input) into an analogue rackmount mixer. This has mono out into the amp room, where an XLR Y-split converts it back to "stereo" for the processor.

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Some years ago I had to replace a different dead (& no longer available) Martin Eq unit. The Martin replacement was a bit on the pricey side, so we used a TC X024 speaker management unit, & adjusted it by ear.

I think the M1 was also superseded a while back, but if you have access to test gear* you could sweep the input with a tone-source & measure what comes out of the outputs, which will at least tell you what Martin intended. *If not, there's an excellent phone app called AudioTool, which has all you need.

Interestingly, the venue where I still dabble has a mainly ICT300 rig, with a bit of low-level buzz on 1 speaker-pair. We've always assumed that it's a dodgy jack-socket on the PO-style jackfield, but maybe I'll try swapping M1's around to see if the buzz moves.

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