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Yamaha DM3 - A couple of questions


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Hi All,

I'm looking at buying a Yamaha DM3 and have a few questions for the BR:

1.  I'm aming to use the mixer at the stage end and a PC laptop at FOH.  Is there a dedicated application to do this or is it a case of logging into a web app inside the mixer?
If it's the former what is the name of the application?

2.  I'll be migrating from a Behringer XR18. What are the major differences between the two?
e.g. on the XR18 I find the RTA - spectral display really usefull. Is there anything similar on the DM3?
also on the XR18 you use 4 FX's at the same time. Is this a posibillity on the DM3?

Many thanks to all.


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Why not look at the details of the DM3 on Yamaha's product page, it'll tell you what it can do.

Regarding apps available, maybe watch this video, you could download the apps and see what you make of them, and dry-run the mixer.  And, like Stuard91 mentions, you're not limited to their apps, as Mixing Station is available - which you'd need if you wanted an Android solution.

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