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I'm considering some battery uplighters. Probably 8 and really don't want to spend more than £200 per unit. RGB is fine, not fussed about CW/WW/UV/ETC.

There's a couple of options out there for that money, just wondering if anyone had used any of the budget end uplighters?

Will probably only be used in a couple of spaces. Both 6m high with pale, magnolia walls, white ceiling. They'll just be for eye candy for meals or concerts.

I'm hoping the budget type will at least get most of the way up the 6m and not look all pathetic...

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Which ones are you looking at, just out of interest, as this is something I was thinking about too.

For brightness comparisons, I have done building uplighting with the Smartbat+ quite a lot on pro gigs which is 4x 8W (RGBW) and IP rated but way above your price range, they stand up well against normal ambient lighting levels so I would say look in the 32W output range.

At the price point you are considering, the LEDJ QB1 is 4x8W battery and is around £200 so that would be a good option. But it's not IP rated so depends if you'd ever want to use outside. Considering it's budget kit I have found the LEDJ stuff to be quite resilient and also you can get spares for it.


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