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inexpensive LED RGBW washes with ZOOM


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Hi, sorry this request may very well annoy

I am abut to go on a small scale dance tour, pro show for 5year olds

as usual virtually no money but maybe.. just maybe I can afford some expenditure (hiring is not an option O(

I need to find 4 X inexpensive LED RGBW washes with ZOOM.

am using ION dongle for control, prefer no fan 

looking 75W plus love to be 200w

any recommendations




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4 hours ago, pd@patrickdalgety.co.uk said:

how noisy were the Heros

I don't know how to quantify that for you as I only have qualitative data from my experience:

  • when they start, noisy (as are all movers as the fans come on at max)
  • when they idle, silent
  • when you use them, depends how bright and how long
  • a lot quieter than the Showtec Sharks which I also have and are pretty noisy for a very small unit

There is a fan in the base and a fan in the head.

Overall the Varytec's are much more usable on my small stage. The Sharks are obvious in my stage mics, I didn't suffer so badly with the Varytec's.

4 hours ago, pd@patrickdalgety.co.uk said:

have you seen the Varytec Hero Wash 340FX RGBW Zoom at all

This looks like a small unit.


The headlines don't mention any "intelligent" fan control so my default assumption would be "noisy like the Showtec Sharks".


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I’ve now got lots of Chinese ones approaching their tenth birthday with no maintenance and once the fans get clogged the red channels in particular overheat and die. These are still made and apart from the fans that run all the time are pretty decent I’ve found. They’re also now even cheaper!

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