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Pot cleaning


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A quick one - I'm in the process of doing a light service of a Formula Sound PM80 mixer.  Yes it's essentially DJ gear, but it's fundamentally in good nick, and works reliably.  The main issue is that many of the pots (old, open type) are quite crackly, and need a clean.  When I last did this job, some years ago, I used Servisol Super 10 spray, and to be honest it seemed to work quite well. However I have read things more recently, online and elsewhere, suggesting that stuff doesn't do any good to pots.

So what do people use for this?  Are there better products nowadays, or ones to avoid?  I'm guessing something which incorporates a mild solvent (to clean) plus a light (and conductive) lubricant would be the ideal? Or would something like that just tend to attract dust to stick, in an open design of pot/fader?

Any advice appreciated - and I do realise there probably won't be a permanent or perfect solution here!

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