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Andi Sway 4kW sky rose (faulty)


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Wonder if anyone recognizes this sky-tracker effect and can tell me something about it. It's marked 'Andi Sway' and nothing else. It has a fairly standard xenon double ended lamp inside  and an ignitor next to it. In the base are 2 electronic ballasts. There are selector switches for 1kw, 2kw, 3kw and 4kw. Only the 2kW switch brings about any signs of life, and all it's doing is firing the ignitor, which can be seen in the lamp as a flashing/ticking. The fans in one of the ballasts run but the lamp does not maintain any sort of discharge. At first glance it looks like a typical chinese aliexpress special but seems too well built for that, particularly the internal wiring. I've only really dealt with the industry standard makes like Studio Due & Strong

The owner has said the lamp is ok.

Just before I go through the pain of removing the ballasts and finding I can't get (or find)  a new one.....




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