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Altair wireless with techpro wired issue

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Hi All

Hoping someone may have come across this issue. 

We have a wired techpro system at 2 venues and have Altair wireless systems integrated with that too.

Altair base station replaced the techpro psu.

All plays nicely together with old techpro and strand comms packs, but as soon as you put new techpro packs in the system we get weird noises / if you turn the volume up too high you get strange modulating.


Now I’m assuming this is something to do with power draw maybe on the newer packs as they have LED’s etc.

Just wondering if anyone has had the same and if they had any fixes. Mind I wonder if there’s a way of putting the techpro psu into the system too, but not sure.


Any advice appreciated!

Thanks in advance.



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Hmm. Not sure if it's what you're suffering from, but one of the venues I work at has an Altair wireless basestation along with both wired Tecpro Series 2 and ASL beltpacks. We've observed that turning on the "Remote Mutes: Buzzers" switch on the front of the Altair basestation causes everyone on a Tecpro beltpack to hear a sort repeated bouncy-whoosh sound, along with hearing everyone else sounding like they're talking through a fan (e.g. choppy). Those on ASL or the wireless Altair beltpacks are not affected. (Nor am I when I'm using my rack-mounted Tecpro Series 1 headset station.)

The current running theory is that the switch places a regular pulsed signal onto the audio line that, whilst outside of human hearing, causes a volume limiter inside the Tecpro2 beltpacks to duck the incoming audio repeatedly.

The solution we've found is to not engage the switch. Then hope no one presses the "call" button from any beltpack, as it causes the Altair wireless beltpacks to emit an audible beep-beep-beep (and no: not into the headset - which would make sense - but out loud for everyone backstage and in the audience to hear...). (Yes: you can turn the buzzer off on each beltpack individually, but its very easy to re-enable again by mistake.)


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