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Xenon disposal - by fair means or foul


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Well it's been a very long time since I've posted anything here but needs must...

Having managed to get involved with a local community theatre/Arts centre project I've been asked to find a way of disposing of some xenons preferably for money. A bit of background/history may be helpful.

The venue's last job was as a 4 screen cinema. It is the intention to convert it into a theatre and arts centre over the next however many years.

The first task I've been set is to sort out the pile of xenon lamps piled in the corner. We.ve been through them. Most are intact. Some are fragmented thus proving the explosion containment works. One or two of them appear to be new. Most we guess are used but have no idea of hours. A couple have clearly been well used with blackening of the envelop, obvious erosion of the electrodes etc.   Some boxes contain only the explosion containment device - I am a little concerned as to the whereabouts of the lamps.

The question I have to ask - Mr Moneybags orders (he's actually a good guy) - is if we can sell them and if so how much? We also have three digital projectors (there should be four so one might be hiding somewhere) in various states of dismemberment if anyone is interested.

So if anyone can offer any advice on what to do with them I'd be immensely grateful - if involves money in our direction the theatre would be very grateful too.



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Maybe try one of the cinema installation companies, like Bell Theatre Services. I'm sure they'll be able to help you with the xenons, and might be able to point you towards someone who wants to buy your projectors (2nd-hand units, or as spare parts donors?)

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