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Setting up AV hire company - I need a business partner!

Mark Realise

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I'm looking for advice on best way to find an entrepreneurial AV tech....

I run a successful event production company and we have built up an awful lot of LED video wall kit that we have purchased for projects and I can't help thinking that I'm missing a trick by not hiring this out and making a separate business.  We have money, a large warehouse, warm clients and a starting stock of kit, but as I don't have a network in the AV industry I'm struggling to find the entrepreneur to setup and drive this new co.  I'm offering salary and a significant shareholding in the newco. but using our current recruitment company I'm getting no applicants - I'm really surprised as this is such a good opportunity.  We're based near Guildford in Surrey so close to London

Any advice the best place to look or any recruitment companies that specialise in what I'm looking for would be most appreciated, or if anyone is planning on setting up a company and want an easy jump start please let me know.





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I have a hunch that anyone with the capabilities you seek may already be running companies of their own...

Could you partner with a local(ish) company that are already set up for the hire side? There might be some that would be happy to earn a margin or commission on jobs, whilst avoiding the capital spend or warehousing overheads. 

(The added bonus of course is that they gain a partner instead of a competitor)

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There's a big skills shortage at present, so anyone who can either already is, or has left the industry for better pay/conditions etc.

As suggested above, finding a local company who want to hire out your kit as a subhire (B2B type arrangement) might be far more profitable than having to run your own enquiries team.

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@Stuart91 thanks for the reply - I agree, anyone with the right mindset will eventually setup their own shop.  I'm trying to find someone at the stage where they are about to do this.  Essentially all I'm asking for is for an entrepreneur to give up equity for a big jump start.   I kind of like the idea of having AV in our building rather than outsourcing - its very compelling for our clients to have everything under one roof!

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5 hours ago, Mark Realise said:

I'm trying to find someone at the stage where they are about to do this.  Essentially all I'm asking for is for an entrepreneur to give up equity for a big jump start.  

My own "startup" experience was that I began playing in a band and covering gigs for friends at university, then grew very gradually from there. Many of the companies I'm friendly with began in similar circumstances. There is no way that you'd have wanted to put me in charge of a warehouse full of LED until I had a good few years experience under my belt. 

Some sort of merger with a fledgling company might work. This business is incredibly capital-intensive and you might be lucky to find someone with an established company that is struggling to make the jump to the next level. A combined entity would hopefully be worth more than the sum of its parts over time. 

Also just thinking about advertising - if your current recruiters aren't working, an advert in LSI magazine might get you in front of the right person. 

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