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Hazer Or Fogger


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Hey People,


The School I'm working at feels it is now the time to buy a smoke machine. I've been looking at a couple of options.


1) Minimist

2) Jem Techno Haze

3) Antari X310 'Fazer'


Can anyone give me some advise? I would DMX/Remote controll (does that count the mini out?) Does anyone know of a UK stockist for Antari?


Some help would be great.



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The three options you've listed are very different kettles of fish!


Firstly do you want a smoke machine or a haze machine?

I'd avoid the Minimist as the cans of fluid are quite expensive and tempremental (IMHO) - it's only saving grace is the ability to work when removed from the mains.


For a glycol fluid-based smoke machine, I've had good results with all the major manufacturer's machines (e.g. Jem, Rosco, Smoke Factory et. al.). I'd be a bit wary of the off brands as far as reliability and spares availability go - or at least get some good feedback on those points first. A glycol based smoke machine will also give you flexibility by using different fluids for 'haze' or 'dry ice' (with chiller) effects. Make sure you get a ducting hose adaptor for piping smoke around, in the package.


As for 'true' haze machines, at the lower end of the price scale, Le Maitre's Neutron XS gets my vote; or if money is no object then a DF50. The only thing is that haze machines seem to need more TLC than smoke machines to keep happy!


DMX control is possibly useful if you've got DMX outlets in suitable places, but often a standard remote control led off to the SM desk can be equally good, unless you can argue why the LX-op should need control.

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the uk distributor for antari is Coemar uk, very helpful bunch.


give them a call and they should be able to sort you out a demo of anything you are interested in. the number is 01233 636688

try to speak to Chris Hale and tell him Ben Kovler sent you, he should be able to sort out what you want.



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we've just bought a Unique hazer - quite pleased with it - much cheaper than other types like DF50, but controlable through two channels for fan speed and output, which makes it quite flexible. Sold to us by whitelight, who were pretty helpful.
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go for the DMX any day - the majority of machines will have a basic remote supplied with them. then when you upgrade, the kit can handle the net step.

as far as the choice goes, I have found the antari kit to be the most reliable.


if possible, try them all and see what you prefer.


the most useful bit is the setting to haze. if possible (I dont know how this was done on our one) set the default to haze and then the machine can go into 'overdrive' and produce a cloud of smoke.




;) for ever

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Agree with going for a Neutron Pro o Neutron XS we got a pro hazer mk 2 and we had it I think 3 years now and its only had 1 new element and coil set. Not too bad for a machine that runs for about half a year constantly. We ran it over panto for app 10 hour a day for over a month and got only through 1 bottle of fluid. And at £20 a bottle, thats not bad going! Good value with the fluid. Thats the end count.
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The Unique hazer is definately a good compromise between a smoke machine and a hazer. As mentioned previously it has seperate channels for output and fan so you can get a good range from clouds of smoke to fine haze. It is also very quiet, even with the fan running. The haze doesn't hang around for long and can sometimes look like smoke, but is quite comparable to other heater based hazers. For a much better quality haze look at a compressor based 'cracker' such as the DF50 or Cirro Strata. These have a much longer 'hang' time, but they do generally cost more. Also they are noisier, so keep them in their flightcase. The Strata has the advantage of being able to separate the compressor from the head, so you can site the noisy bit off stage
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argh - crackers!!!! ;)


I have found that they leave a really nasty residue of oil on all sorts of things, including the floor - this can be dangerous when the floor is smooth + in the dark.


that is one reason I prefer the glycol based things - the only residue is slightly sticky --> not going to slip up on a sticky surface.


or at least, that's my opinion.


to be honest, it is up to you what type you get as the oil based fluids are much cheaper - veggie oil works nicely, and give a very fine haze.


the fluid ones are cheaper, have a comparable price for fluid (if you look around) and are more flexible - but they are jacks of all trades, but masters of none.


if possible, get work in venues that use the different types and see for yourself under show conditions.

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If you are looking for haze machines The Jem 24/7 is a good machine to look at. It has DMX on board and is very controllable with both fan/smoke levels. We had a demo the other week and were very impressed.



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