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Wolfmix wm1?


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Probably a bit too DJ oriented for most people here, but has anyone tried the wolfmix wm1 lighting controller?

Looks like an interesting system without spending a fortune on a big lighting desk and avoid the need for a laptop  but I’d like to read more about how people are finding it in practice.    

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2 hours ago, alistermorton said:

gafftaper on controlbooth did a mini review of it in the thread "gaff's LDI 2022 report" which might be of interest to you.

Thanks,  looks like he liked it.        I can't see another quick and easy to use controller that compares, so I might give one a try. 

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Quick update / mini review.     I've been using the wolfmix for band gigs and really like it.   It is basically a hardware version of the lightrider .mydmx go app.  Add the fixture into one of four groups,  each of which can have the movement pattern, colour change pattern and intensity pattern chosen from a variety of presets with simple editing to choose things like the speed, size, fade rate etc        It makes programming movers and pars really fast and easy.  The options are probably way more suited to bands and dj's than theatre productionsbut you could program a batch of presets to flick between for different scenes.  Rather than faff about programming a DMX desk I can rock up to a band gig, decide which lights I'm going to use and rig them and within minutes have pretty useable programs that I can edit on the fly during a show.    Handy buttons are ready for strobing, blinder, blackout etc.     I'm really impressed with it. 

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