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MD Camera Suggestions

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Hi All,

A small amateur theatre I help at have some funding to purchase an MD Camera. Currently they are using a setup loaned from my work. This consists of a Marshall CV506 camera outputting via HDMI to an Extron HDMI DA, then off to two Samsung displays using Extron DTP TX/RX pairs. The Samsung displays are in “game” mode and the system currently gives minimal latency and is easily turned on with the flick of a power switch.
The Samsung displays have been donated by work so it’s really the camera/distribution that I’m looking at. The Marshall camera works so they could just purchase one of those but £430+lens for something that’s going to be stuck in IR mode does seem slightly wasteful when there are other places for money to be spent. They do have coax running about the place so SDI may be an option, however there is a chance the Extron kit may also be donated which will save some precious £’s. 

Any suggestions on a suitable budget camera (and possibly SDI distribution/convertors)? Low latency is key in this scenario so interested in what anyone else is using on a budget! I did try a composite camera when setting up the loan system however the latency was too high, I assume due to the upscaling taking place in the displays. 

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Most big touring shows use a fairly cheap analogue CCTV camera, cat5 baluns and cat5 cable. Lower latency than most HDMI setups and digital converters, and just simple and easy to use. (Some are using Canon or Marshall cameras with SDI links - but only the biggest best funded companies)

We have some nice Bosch cctv cameras I usually use for MD cams - they have manual exposure which is handy, but I've happily used cheap £40 cameras without issue. You may find an IR emitter is useful.

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