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IR35 has gone - no, it's back again!

David Ripley

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So the last chancellor (KK) decided that the onus for proving you are self employed would move back from the employer to the contractor. Many articles decried that as a tax evaders charter that would cost at least £2billion in lost revenue. 

I engage around 150+ freelancers a year, so have to do a CEST for each one, but frankly as many of them are 'creatives' I thought it would be easier for me to continue doing that as I would spend as much time explaining what and how they would have to do them, it would be less time consuming for me.

This is what happened when we first started needing proof of PLI, although that seems to rarely be a problem

Anyway this week's Chancellor (J Hunt) has just scrapped that, along with what was left of Trussonomics, so as you were everyone.



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How is anyone supposed to run a business if rules like this flip-flop on a weekly basis?

There's been plenty of comment from some areas of the political landscape about the low productivity of the UK force. That should hardly be surprising if management time is getting eaten away by this sort of thing. 

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