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Martin Hazer 2500hz - Fluid Error


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I have a Martin Hazer 2500hz, that will quite often display a OUT OF FLUID error despite having plenty of fluid in the reservoir.
Having read through the schematics it doesn't appear to have a fluid sensor, so I would assume that it looks for a drop in temperature in the heat block when fluid is expected to be pumped in. My Machine did have a blockage in the exchanger which I have now cleared and replaced the pump at the same time, and the output of the machine looks good at FULL, and acceptable at a low level.

The problem I am seeing is that if I run the machine at a low output after about 15 minutes the machine will stop with a LOW FLUID error.
Do I need to calibrate the machine due to the change of pump ? or perhaps the heater block is still slightly clogged?

Many Thanks

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Yes it does some complicated energy usage calculations to detect fluid out which didn't always come out with the right answer at low output settings. Are you using the recommended fluid as that affects it. Otherwise could be lower output than expected due to blockage or pump spec. There's no calibration for the fluid detection. 

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Thanks Tim,

I'm using the genuine  Martin Rush Haze fluid.

I'm typically trying to run it at < 5% to not over power the stage, if you have had experience of other 2500hz machine with the same issue at low output then I will accept that is "just how it is" 


Many Thanks

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