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Wall mounted HDMI plates


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Hi All,

I hate having to resort to posts like this because I know it probably looks like I haven't just searched Google/Amazon/Ebay/CPC etc... but I really have, and am drawing a blank!  Just planning a minor AV install (not a big job but a tight deadline) and part of the spec is two wall-mounted HDMI connections.  Needs to be flush to the surface of a plastered wall (alongside some existing 13A sockets which are already sunk into the wall, so surface-mount will look pretty naff).  Could be two on one plate, or two separate.  What I really want is an HDMI connector on a plate, with solder tags on the back, or even screw terminals, but all I can find are ones with either a short flying lead to another moulded HDMI female, or basically a F-F adaptor mounted so one end is effectively a panel mount connector and the other is hidden inside.  Either type would potentially work...  However... unless I chisel a hole practically the entire thickness of the wall, I'm not going to get enough depth behind the plate for either of these to work.  Help!  Am I missing something really obvious?  I thought this would be the easiest bit of the job, but it's fast turning into the most frustrating!

Any pointers appreciated. Many thanks!

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Solder is not common on HDMI, you can do that you describe but use a flying lead one to avoid the big hole, or you can use a cable with a right angle connector to reduce the depth a bit.

You don't have to chisel out the whole box, if you are relatively accurate you can holesaw a hole in the back of the back box, and use a 20/30mm SDS drill just to make a deep-ish hole just behind the connector, then loop the cable back into the box. Not neat but it works.

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