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Seeking a venue tech for my Fringe show 'SAVED'

Graeme Leak

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I'm seeking a venue tech for my show SAVED at ZOO Studio. There was a house tech booked but this has fallen through. A few LX cues - I operate all my sound from stage so just a stereo monitor feed to FOH. 
I'm playing every day from 5 to 28 August at 4.35 pm, and my tech time is Aug 3 from 4.30 to 6.30pm, with a call time of 4pm to meet and plan the sessions before we start. I am offering a flat fee of £1,000.
Dave Shea is production manager and lighting designer. He's with us for the get in and the first three shows.
I'd be happy for this to be a shared role if you feel you can't do every single day, but would ask you to arrange the team members.
More about the show at https://graemeleak.com/saved/
I do hope to hear from you! THANKS


The OP has provided more information...

1. Number of shows is 24

2. Call time to the venue will be 4pm, about 10 minutes before the previous show finishes (4.10 or so). Turnaround is 20 minutes and my show starts at 4.35pm

Show run time is 50 minutes, so show will end at 5.25pm. Get out will take probably 20 minutes and get faster as we gain experience, so should be clear by 5.45pm.

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