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EVQ1212 vs QSC PL236


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Hi all.  I've been using a couple of EV Q1212 amps the last few years and they've been very good but they are HEAVY.   I've just seen a few QSC PL236 amps come up for sale and am considering buying them as they are similar power but much much lighter.  I reckon I could probably sell the Q1212's for what I'd buy the 236's for  (£450)

I need light but need ~ 3500W bridged.

Any comments?


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40 minutes ago, BigYinUK said:

I need light but need ~ 3500W bridged.


Really? Because I can make a whole lot of noise using much less than that. I've seen much claimed, but I've never needed to dump that much power into a driver. 3500W is 20A of current at 8 ohms. Most of the amps in my venue are 700Wch at 8ohm. 

There are some big subs out there that can take that much, but only if you're looking for 110dB + out of them. Even the big L'acoustics subs are only spec'd for 2600W each.

Additionally most amps can only generate that sort of power running at 2ohms, which introduces issues such as power loss in the cable (unless you're dragging 6mm speakon around, and degraded damping factor).

If you really think you need that power then don't let me stop you, but the easiest way to make your amp rack lighter may be to engineer out some of the overkill.

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