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Spirit 328

Andy Howlett

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Hi.  Is there anyone out there who knows their way around a Soundcraft Spirit 328?  I have just acquired 1 as a back up for our sound system but there is nothing from the adat digital outputs.  Analogue is working fine and the digital inputs for channels 17 - 32 are also working as they should, just nothing on aux optical or from the trk a/ ttrk B adat outputs.  T-Snd-Dir appears off on all channels,  I suspect I need to turn the digital outputs on somehow.  I've been through the menu but couldn't find any settings that would make a difference.

I know it's very old hat but, as a not for profit community group trying to keep live music up goign in Lincolnshire, we have to use everything and anything we can get hold of.....

Thank you.

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Thanks for getting back and the link.  The outputs are to behringer ADA8200s which also suply the digital inputs which are working.  The manual basically says check the tape send direct isn't on but I've already found that there is loads missing from the manual regarding routing the mix via the 8 groups.

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