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Le Maitre MVS Hazer Pump issues


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I've spent the day trying to get an MVS Hazer I was told was 'broken' back to a working state, and after cleaning out the main tube I'm mostly there.

However, a few problems remain - for a start, I'm unsure if the output is as high as it's supposed to be when on full, and when running it seems to go through 2-3 second cycles of putting out stronger bursts of haze. From looking at videos online, that is somewhat normal, but I think on my unit it seems to be to a much greater extent. I can try and get a video tomorrow to demonstrate and perhaps someone with more experience of these machines can weigh in 😅.

The other issue, which I suppose might be linked to the above, is that the main fluid pump makes a loud clicking noise (every 3.3 seconds with the haze output on full, or 15 when on the minimum setting). Previous threads suggest that this could be a sign of a pump running dry, but I have checked that there tubes around it are full of liquid, as well as running it for 20-30 minutes to allow the smaller air bubbles to be pumped through. Would it be worth taking the pump out and checking the valves are all clear?


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The tube heating and haze output operates cyclically, so the pulsed pump operation every few seconds is correct.  The tube heats up, then on the cooling phase fluid is pumped.  

The ticking of the pump is a higher/louder pitch when its trying to pump air, and then lowers significantly once fluid is through and its fully primed.  The MVS hazer doesn't operate like regular smoke machines because the fluid isn't heavily watered down, so to prime the pump using regular operating settings can take an age, you can manually prime by putting into DMX mode (without DMX plugged in), then holding Select and Haze, this'll tick the pump continuously but also piss fluid out the tube and make a mess.  

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Thanks for that, I've had a go at priming it, which I might have helped a bit - though the clicking still seems too loud for my liking.

I've uploaded a video of it's operation below (this is running at full haze output, with minimal projection). Does this seem normal?

Thanks again!

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That looks relatively normal to be honest, from what I remember. 

Lastly, just as a side note, are you using the proper fluid and not a different manufacturer fluid?  I guess if the fluid was thinner or from a different manufacturer that may increase the level of that click as its not as viscous.

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