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Trantec iem systems (s4000) any good?


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Hey everyone. Just wanting a little advice. I run a band that goes up to a 10 piece line up and looking to invest in wireless iems for the 6 members of the band as the others can use wired packs. 

I’ve seen there are some great deals on Trantec s4000 iems on the second hand market but wanted to see If anyone has experience with this product and if it’s worth the investment or if I’m better waiting and getting sennheiser when I can afford them. 

we mainly do weddings 

thanks guys 

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I've still got Trantec and Sennheisers. The Trantec packs are more plasticky, but this hasn't proven a problem. Sennheisers are more frequency agile - I lost the software to program the Trantecs years ago, so I'm stuck with what are in the banks, so when I mix them it's the Sennheisers that get frequencies moved. The Trantec is pretty much lacking user adjustments, so what you feed in, you get out, while Sennheisers can have the two channels panned and blended from the panel. The Sennheisers will receive the Trantec transmitter in mono for emergencies. The Trantec antennas get damaged more than the Sennheiser, but when you do damage the Sennheisers, they're harder to dismantle and fix. The Trantec antennas have the little hex section at the bottom you can just solder on a new wire to, and heatshrink. I've noticed nothing different I can really notice on audio quality or reception issues.

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I owned four or five sets of Trantec S4000 for a few years. They were absolutely fine for wedding band type gigs. I ended up selling them when we got our hands on more Sennheiser, as Paul says they're more adaptable frequency-wise and tend to be more readily accepted if you're hiring them out. 

One thing I would notice is that you'd begin to hear a low buzz / fart sound through the receiver if the battery was running low. It would start on kick drum or long bass guitar notes, and get gradually worse until the pack died completely. I'm not sure whether it's a bug or a feature, but it was a useful indicator that the battery didn't have long left.

 Does it matter if you're using 9v rather than AA batteries?

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