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Hi All

I am looking to purchase my next set of movers, I was hoping to be able to visit some showrooms and see some in action but not proving easy (having stock in being the issue) 
I am looking down the beam route or a spot that can do beams/beam effects. Would be great hearing some reviews on what people have or have used to help me decide. 

Mine would be used for corporate events of all sizes and mobile discos, I would say my budget goes from the he Vizi Beam RXONE that is around £700 each to the Chauvet Intimidator Hybrid 14SR that goes at about £1500. 

Open to any other options as well if people rate them, just need to have smooth movement at slow speeds! I love this effect below so something with a decent facet prism and around 100W upwards.

Thanks 🙂


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Second hand Clay Paky Sharpys can be bought for between £600 and £1000 per unit, depending on condition. Budget for a new red dichroic and a lamp. Robe pointies can be found for around the £1200 mark, but are more versatile. I'd buy second hand quality over new budget due to availability of spares, cross hireability and proven longevity

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