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Rotate Effect for Clay Paky fixtures?


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Hi all,

Like most fixtures Clay Paky offers the posibility for continues rotation or rotation index for rotating gobos, prismas and effect wheels. Personally I prefer to rotate these wheels with a ramp effect rather then the build-in continues rotate speed to have a better control. The effect indexes the wheel from 0 to 360º in the effect time and then snaps back to 0 degrees for the next cicle. This works fine for eg. Robe fixtures, but some brands fixtures rotate the gobo or prisma back at max speed when I snap from 360 to 0º. (even tough the position is the same). In a few weeks I´ll be at a festival with Clay Paky Mythos and Sharpys. (the last one does not have rotating gobo´s, but does have rotating prisma) Unfortunately I don´t have a fixture available to test what happens if I se the gobo position at 33% (rotation 360º) and then snap to 0%. Does anybody know (or have the oportunity to try) if the gobo will rotate back of if it will hold position in this case?

Thanks for your attention,


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