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Q Lab and Audio Interfaces


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Hi All,

I am looking to get a new/used digital console that will allow me to use it as a sound card/audio interface for use with software such as Q Lab and Audacity.  I am thinking of the LS9 or QL Series, however any other advice or suggestions would be welcome.


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Behringer/Midas X/M32 (including rack) or X/MR18 would work well. The QL series would work if you used Dante virtual soundcard (currently incompatible with M1 macs, though hopefully not for too much longer). The LS9 is quite an old design now, not something I'd be looking to buy unless a great used deal was on offer.


I've used an X32 rack as a QLab interface and system processor for several playback only shows, and it was a great tool being very compact too. I was about to buy an XR18 for exactly this role at my last job, but then dived off to work elsewhere instead.

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Just remember to count physical outputs as well as audio playback channels if they matter to you. The spec on an XR18 is 18 (or 20?) playback channels, but those effectively feed into the mixer input channels. What you don't have is 18 separate output connectors if you want to route all 18 channels out of the box at the same time. On the other hand, if you have to mix everything down to stereo anyway, and are happy to do that in the digital mixer, go right ahead.

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