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Transcension n8


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I've got a transcension n8 artnet node and having issues with it. I've got it connected up with an etc nomad but from reading the manual it seems im having issues getting it to output correctly. The menus on the unit are different than what's in the manual. Im trying to set the unit to have output 1 from universe 5 and so on but when I've tried it today I get universe 1 on output 1 and so on. How can I change this to do what I need it to do? It gives me an option on the unit under DMX port for net and that range runs from 001-128 but the manual has no mention of this.
I hope you are able to help
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I've just had a quick look at the manual on the ProLight website (Transcension is one of their brands) Here - not sure whether that's the same manual you've been looking at or not?

I can't see any mention there about decoding multiple universes presented on the ArtNet only that the unit will take DMX in and encode it to ArtNet (presumably the Device ID plays a part in this?) though 😞

You could try contacting ProLight to check firmware versions against the manual shown - from experience having sold a lot of their kit in the past it's certainly possible that different shipments have different firmware and they wouldn't be aware themselves.

Be prepared though to be told that the feature you're looking for isn't a feature offered by the unit (there's a reason why it's half the price of a Swisson node?)

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