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Apollo Design Technology closing January 17-25


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Greetings all,

As we prepare to move to our brand new gobo making facility, we're getting the word out that the doors will be closed January 17-25.


Thank you, and I trust the New Year is treating you well!

Apollo closed.jpg

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Good morning Blue Room friends, I trust all is well with you!

An update is certainly in order, as I've been offline since the move began 1/21.

The new Apollo/Blue Pony/Avid Labs HQ is a building which has ample warehouse/manufacturing space but limited offices. Joel and Keersten purchased the facility in July and renovations began soon after. A proposed move in date was mid-November, but between supply chain issues and labor crews dodging the 'Rona, we've been chasing dates on the calendar. When all equipment was moved out of the temporary building 1/21, the new space became a holding area while office framing, drywall, and painting were still underway.

Local building inspectors will be onsite soon, and we anticipate receiving occupancy in the coming two weeks. With the record number of local commercial construction projects taking place in 2021, it's been a marathon keeping up with the renovation schedule! The proposed relaunch date has been moved to Monday, February 21st to ensure all lasers and CNC equipment are leveled, recalibrated, tested and ready to produce quality products for the entertainment industry.

It's been difficult turning away business, as we pride ourselves in providing last-minute miracles for unexpected needs. Our sales staff is anxiously awaiting filling the production schedule, and I'll do my best to communicate our progress.

As far as the two young arsonists who broke into the building and left a fire behind them, 60 days in juvenile detention was all the punishment received. They are back on the street, likely looking for their next thrill. Let's hope they had an epiphany and realized the disastrous results of their actions, changing the trajectory of their young, tarnished lives.

We can hope...

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