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Lightfactory and Enttec Open USB


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I'm hoping the collective Blue Room wisdom will be able to point out what I've missed......

I'm running Lightfactory as a fresh install and trying to get it to see my Enttec Open DMX USB dongle.  I've installed the FTDI drivers and windows is happily seeing an additional serial port (COM5) however I'm struggling to get Lightfactory to see it.  In the DMX output screen the Open DMX is not listed as an available device/protocol, and while I've tried some of the other Enttec models listed none of them are detected to be able to set the COM port.

I'm sure I had this working last year (annual carol service on Sunday night!), but at the moment can't seem to see what I've missed.  So any thoughts on things to try would be appreciated.


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Hi Don

That's what I thought I should be seeing, however it's not available in the list:


As Lightfactory starts up it's complaining that it can't detect any hardware, but I'm not sure if that's a generic message since nothing is configured or more specific that it's actually scanning for anything available.


All the instructions I can find say to install the FDTI driver for the dongle and nothing else.  That's installed, and as I mentioned it's appearing as a COM port in Windows Device Manager.  However it feels like I've missed a step or not installed something I should have.


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To update everyone with the outcome of today's work to resolve this and with particular thanks to James for his assistance.

It appears the lastest version of the software v2.23 does not contain the drivers for the Enttec Open USB dongle. Installing an earlier version (v2.21) worked fine first time.  When I have more time I want to try upgrading that install up to the lastest and see if it keeps working, but I have a carol service to do before and the older version will do fine for now and works!

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